Owner / Brewer / “Hey can you fix this?” Guy 

P-what? Pburg

On a deck in the desert just outside Bend, OR. Watching the sunset over the Cascade Range (3 Sisters).

My desert island beer right now would be Lightly Salted. Crisp, fruity and crushable. Complex enough to dig into, simple enough to enjoy all day.

I worked as an adventure tour guide bouncing around Maine, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Oregon, Washington, Canada and Costa Rica for a few years during and after college.

“No Worries” / “That’s Awesome”

I love watching the lines that Dave Rastovich draws…on any board.

Sprout. I love the board-agnostic view of wave sliding and riding—whatever gets the job done and maximizes fun. I also love the filming and soundtrack—just an altogether groovy flick.


Owner / Front End Ops Manager /Making sure this runaway train stays on track

A small town in South Jersey that no one’s ever heard of.

I honestly want to say it was Golden Monkey. Today, I think my favorite Belgian is New Belgium’s Cascara Quad. Mmm.. coffee cherries.

Obviously our coconut porter, but I am digging the new Gose.

I have a hard time buying things because I think, “I could totally make that.” (And then I usually do).

Other than hanging out with our little man, I’m a nerd for drunken board game nights.

Bert just brought me home some TMNB from Bolero Snort that I’m really appreciating.

I’m obsessed with Korean pork tacos from MOGO in Asbury. In case anyone wanted to bring me some..

Is it lame to say Bert?

Amendment 21 when we got to experience the first Last Wave pints sold outside of the brewery. What a journey…

Costa Rica to practice Spanish, but mostly to visit the sloth sanctuary!


Ownitor:  Owner and Janitor

Phillipsburg, born and raised with some stops along the way.

Wavvy Gravy Ale by Lagunitas and I only bought it because it had Frank Zappa on the label

I can play the harmonica and I’ve skinny-dipped in both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean

Anything my brother brings home from Modern Times

Anything between heavy metal and doo wop. But I don’t think I could live in a world where Black Sabbath didn’t exist

Bede Durbidge for sheer force, but if we’re talking style, it’s gotta be Parko.

Big Wednesday – “He ain’t no hodad, squidlips.”

Drank a beer in hot tub overlooking a full moon on the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur in some weird resort that we snuck into in our underwear. That was pretty righteous.


Sales Rep / Deliverer of the Goods

West Orange, NJ

Right now, Leroy, but the boys are cooking up some nice stuff.

I’m the fastest mozzarella stick eater in New Jersey.

Loving the album Mardi Gras from CCR right now.

Coves (See Bartender, Mike)

Never sell a pig in a poke, as per my grandfather.
Mike Mancini

Mike M.

Asst. Brewer / Beer Variant Wizard

Manasquan by way of Upstate NY

A Glass of Murphy’s Irish stout on Nitro.
So much stuff….i guess the John Butler Trio would be a good sampling of a lot of influences and styles I like in one band.
I eat really fast. Way too fast. I don’t know if that’s a skill.
“You can’t cheat the Mountain.”
The Heart and the Sea. super relaxing
The Saga of Jeremiah Johnson. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch. You’ll have a beard by the end of it.
Probably Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop in New Orleans….that was the stop before the Absinthe bar.


Beertender / Lifesaver

Brielle, NJ

A-Frame. I love IPAs, especially that one. Frothing is a close second.
This is tough. I’ve been fortunate to travel to some really cool places. I’d say being able to drink beers in Bali, Patagonia, and San Miguel island in the Azores have been some pretty awesome experiences.
It depends on my mood. Tame Impala is a favorite. I have also been diggin’ Khruangbin lately, too.
With a few beers in me, I am the fastest, female, beach-cruiser biker in the state of New Jersey!
Bill Williams, but Mick Fanning is pretty nice to look at too…
Anything on Bravo (yep, guilty!). Add a pepperoni pizza with a side of ranch and some cold beers and I’m happy as a clam.
“Real Jersey girls pumps kegs, not gas”. I think I had it on my AIM profile once.


Beertender / Slinger of Beers and occasional day laborer

New Brunswick, NJ

Right Coast. From the first time I tried the home brew prototype at a tailgate, I was hooked.

My moonwalk isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely better than you think it is.

I spend a lot of my time woodworking, playing music, and hiking. Stack in the typical pastimes like reading and playing video games, and that probably fills up about 90% of my time.

I’m into everything from punk to country, and a lot of it depends on my mood. Lucero tends to split the difference nicely, though.
I don’t have a favorite, but I’ve got a feeling little Greyson’s gonna be a great surfer once he gets the hang of walking.
I can’t narrow it down to just one place. I like knowing there’s a continuous chain from New Jersey to California where I’ve had a beer in every state, though. I’ll probably wrap up the East Coast next; just a few of the northern states left.

No guilty pleasures, just pleasures. If I want to blast “Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing while I’m driving down the highway, I’m going to.


Beertender / Beer Connoisseur


Beertender / Assistant to the Assistant To The Traveling Bar Manager / Guy Who Reaches For High Things On Shelves

Freehold, NJ

I’d have to say the Quiver with Denali, it is one of my top 3 beers.

I really enjoying cooking in my free time, I am self-taught and always enjoy trying new things.

I would love to go to New Zealand someday.

At, “supposedly” the oldest monastic brewery, which sits on the Danube in Bavaria.


Probably something from Goose Island before they were InBev, that was the most “craft” we had around here. probably Lolita or Sophia because I am a sour fan.

I love watching really terrible Christmas movies. The ones that Hallmark and Netflix release, they are just pure comedy.

I am a huge fan of St. Paul & the Broken Bones, I just saw them recently in Philadelphia and the show was amazing. I love a good horns section!

Across the street

First Last Wave beer was A-Frame all the way. First beer ever was warm, canned, left over Natural Light

I was in the military- two tours Iraqi Freedom 2006-2010

I enjoy watching really bad Nicholas Cage movies. No joke. They make me feel like the movies I make aren’t so bad.

I was in Kauai recently and I had a Miller Lite at the base of this waterfall.

Does Weekend At Bernie’s count?

Nick or Bert depending on who’s working.

Beastie/Beach Boys interchangeable

“Do what you feel, the more absurd the better”


Beertender / Making other people look smart by doing the research, writing for them, and telling them the answers… Something of a puppet master.


Beertender / Surfboard Sander

Point Pleasant (Boro)

I spent nearly a decade in Belgium. I especially liked: Brasserie de la Senne, Brasserie de la Phantome, Cantillon… Brussels Beer Project is also excellent.

I really love traveling – cliche, but if I’m not working at the brewery or on our house, we’re probably away on a weekend road trip somewhere where we can be outside and have a good beer.

Referend Bier Blendery is really interesting lately. They’re ramping up and I’m excited to see how they evolve.

In Finland, above the arctic circle, in an igloo during a ski trip. It was a Lapin Kulta, for those interested.

“But all things excellent are as difficult as they are rare.” – Baruch Spinoza, Ethics

I really admire the girl, Bethany Hamilton, whose arm was bitten off by a shark, and still surfs. I mean, how?!?

West Orange, NJ

Red Dog. I’ve come a long way.

“if you made it out of the barrel, you weren’t deep enough”

Taylor Ham and law and order SVU

Ward Stories starring my favorite surfer, Chris Ward


Beertender / Ambassador / 5th Grade Mind Cultivator

New Egypt (It’s by Six Flags)

Right Coast all the way. It is hands down in my favorite top 3 of all time and you can have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Everything JD makes.

Anything chocolate and pizza. I can always watch Dumb and Dumber and Tommy Boy.

Bodyboarding, Surfing, Downhill Mountain Biking, Snowboarding, Fishing and of course hanging with my awesome wife : )

ROAM. It’s a film that inspired me to get on the boogie more. Insane stuff in that film.

I teach 5th grade Math/Science and I have my adult/kids yoga certifications. I had a solid handstand going… just need to keep practicing.


Beertender / writer (corporate shill by day—aspiring fiction writer by night)

Howell, NJ, AKA, the Fifth Suburban Dimension.

It’s a tie between Right Coast and Defroster.

I like reading and writing, playing music, and anything involving the outdoors. I also enjoy antagonizing my cat and arguing with strangers about obscure European metal bands outside of bars at 2 AM.

I’m a child of heavy metal. So if it’s fast and heavy, I like it.

I can watch The Sopranos over and over, and reheated leftover Chinese Food never gets old. But give me a shrimp taco and a margarita and I’ll astral project out of my body.