Owner / Brewer / “Hey can you fix this?” Guy 

P-what? Pburg

On a deck in the desert just outside Bend, OR. Watching the sunset over the Cascade Range (3 Sisters).

My desert island beer right now would be Lightly Salted. Crisp, fruity and crushable. Complex enough to dig into, simple enough to enjoy all day.

I worked as an adventure tour guide bouncing around Maine, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Oregon, Washington, Canada and Costa Rica for a few years during and after college.

“No Worries” / “That’s Awesome”

I love watching the lines that Dave Rastovich draws…on any board.

Sprout. I love the board-agnostic view of wave sliding and riding—whatever gets the job done and maximizes fun. I also love the filming and soundtrack—just an altogether groovy flick.


Owner / Front End Ops Manager /Making sure this runaway train stays on track

A small town in South Jersey that no one’s ever heard of.

I honestly want to say it was Golden Monkey. Today, I think my favorite Belgian is New Belgium’s Cascara Quad. Mmm.. coffee cherries.

Obviously our coconut porter, but I am digging the new Gose.

I have a hard time buying things because I think, “I could totally make that.” (And then I usually do).

Other than hanging out with our little man, I’m a nerd for drunken board game nights.

Bert just brought me home some TMNB from Bolero Snort that I’m really appreciating.

I’m obsessed with Korean pork tacos from MOGO in Asbury. In case anyone wanted to bring me some..

Is it lame to say Bert?

Amendment 21 when we got to experience the first Last Wave pints sold outside of the brewery. What a journey…

Costa Rica to practice Spanish, but mostly to visit the sloth sanctuary!


Ownitor:  Owner and Janitor

Phillipsburg, born and raised with some stops along the way.

Wavvy Gravy Ale by Lagunitas and I only bought it because it had Frank Zappa on the label

I can play the harmonica and I’ve skinny-dipped in both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean

Anything my brother brings home from Modern Times

Anything between heavy metal and doo wop. But I don’t think I could live in a world where Black Sabbath didn’t exist

Bede Durbidge for sheer force, but if we’re talking style, it’s gotta be Parko.

Big Wednesday – “He ain’t no hodad, squidlips.”

Drank a beer in hot tub overlooking a full moon on the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur in some weird resort that we snuck into in our underwear. That was pretty righteous.


Sales Rep / Deliverer of the Goods

West Orange, NJ

Right now, Leroy, but the boys are cooking up some nice stuff.

I’m the fastest mozzarella stick eater in New Jersey.

Loving the album Mardi Gras from CCR right now.

Coves (See Bartender, Mike)

Never sell a pig in a poke, as per my grandfather.
Mike Mancini

Mike M.

Brewer / Beer Variant Wizard

Manasquan by way of Upstate NY

A Glass of Murphy’s Irish stout on Nitro.
So much stuff….i guess the John Butler Trio would be a good sampling of a lot of influences and styles I like in one band.
I eat really fast. Way too fast. I don’t know if that’s a skill.
“You can’t cheat the Mountain.”
The Heart and the Sea. super relaxing
The Saga of Jeremiah Johnson. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a watch. You’ll have a beard by the end of it.
Probably Jean Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop in New Orleans….that was the stop before the Absinthe bar.